Stop The Barking! 

...at everyone and everything!

You can have a peaceful home without constant interruptions from excessive barking  

An Online Training Course with Dr. Carolyn Lincoln 

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Enrollment Open Until Wednesday, 10/16/19, Midnight ET 

Are you embarrassed, frustrated or even angry because your dog barks or can’t settle down? Is your dog interrupting you during important phone calls, when you have friends over or when you sit on the sofa to relax?

Do you ever wonder why your dog is even barking at ALL!

This is NOT what you envisioned when you got your dog.

Plus, your dog is such a sweetheart most of the time! 

When Your Dog Barks Like Crazy... Have You Already Tried...

Telling your dog to "Hush!"

Removing your dog from the area?



Teaching "Quiet"?

A squirt bottle or pennies in a can?

Calming music?

Keeping your dog on a leash?

Reassuring your dog?

A bark collar? An E-collar? A shock collar?

.....But Nothing Works? 

What if there was a way you could teach your dog when to bark, when not to bark and when to stop barking? 

A simple and effective way, WITHOUT fear, force or pain, that could radically transform your life at home?  

There is.



By making a few small changes to your normal routine, you can start training your dog to listen, be a better companion, playmate, and to be the pride of the park.  

You can train your dog to become an absolute joy to come home to, knowing they watch out for you, your family, and your home but also let you rest and relax in peace. In less time than you think, you can start enjoying one of life’s best friendships.

I’m Dr. Carolyn Lincoln, a veterinarian for 30 years, and for over 13 years, a professional dog trainer and dog agility competitor.

I've always had high-energy, strong-willed dogs...  

(several of them in fact)  

...so i know exactly what it’s like to deal with dog breeds that tend to "BARK first and ask questions later"! (Funny... not funny!)

... and I know what it's like to have dogs that tend to misbehave, not listen… much less obey, and can be unfriendly without proper training.  

After seeing other owners struggle with these same types of behaviors every day, (in fact, you name a behavior problem and I’ve probably seen it and dealt with it),

I developed The Play To Behave Approach and have refined it over the years.  

I’ve helped hundreds of dog owners just like you, teach their dog self-control and skills that make managing their behavior easier and all the while, improve their connection and relationship with their dog as well.  

The Play To Behave Approach works and I'd like to share how you can apply it for barking at every one and everything outside the window.  

You can train your dog to know when to bark, when NOT to bark and when to stop. 

Just today, my dog, Rae, barked a couple times when flowers were delivered and later when the UPS delivery man came, which was good! She stopped as soon as she was told all was okay.

But when joggers and dog walkers went by, when squirrels bounced in the yard and when cars zipped past our house, Rae watched QUIETLY! 

The approach I use has also been used by my clients and students with success. 

It's actually simple and you can do it too! 

In less time than you think, you can start enjoying the lifestyle you've always intended by taking a few small steps.

Introducing "Stop The Barking"  

Your 3 Online Group Training Sessions include:

  • Understanding why your dog barks so you can solve the real cause of the barking, which means it's a long term solution and not just a "bandaid"
  • The 5 common mistakes you might be making which can actually make barking worse!
  • How to prevent your dog from barking to give you some peace until you can train when barking makes sense and so your dog is not continually reinforced for barking
  • How to train your dog when to bark, when NOT to bark and to listen when you tell your dog to stop so you can enjoy the peace you need in your home 
  • Lifetime access 
  • Access to any future upgrades

And that means:

  • Making phone calls and completing projects without the concern of constant interruption
  • Getting the rest and peace you need 
  • Better family relationships and less arguments about your dog
  • A better connection with your dog
  • ...AND your training and the fundemental concepts you use to relate to your dog will almost always change your dog's other behavior for the better too!

Are you ready to train your dog to bark only when needed?

When I think about the joy that comes from having a dog that is your best friend, I am reminded of what my clients have told me...

I just got a year-old cocker spaniel, who barked at everything, including my coffee maker! Your videos are helping me curb this behavior. Thank you. I have a bird feeder right outside a large picture window. At first my dog barked and barked at the birds, but she figured out that they would fly away. Now, she sneaks up to the window and sits quietly to watch them. You are right, dogs are very smart! - Florence Walker

I learned so much from you, mainly that Tucker CAN be trained! Carolyn, we couldn't have done it without your thoughtful guidance and this group & website. - Bobbie Sajovec  

I know that improving my dog's behavior requires consistency, but with Carolyn's help, it's manageable, enjoyable and it actually works. -Rina Orellana

If you are struggling to get your dog to listen, like Florence, Bobbie and Rina were... the "Stop The Barking” Online Training Program can help. 

I have to inform you… registration will only be open for a very short time. On Wednesday, 10/16/19 at midnight, registration will close so we can get started on 10/27/19 

Sessions will be on Sundays at 7:00 pm ET on the following dates: 10/27, 11/3 and 11/17/19, with the week of 11/10 as an Implementation Week, so you can put what you've learned so far into practice and catch up, if needed. 

You will also have access to lifetime recordings so it's fine if you can't make all the LIVE training sessions.


 Enroll before Wednesday, 10/16/19 at Midnight and also get these BONUSES! ...plus a 30-DAY, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:  


  • The Quick Start Puppy Guide: This is actually for ANY AGE dog. With this special bonus, you'll chose treats, toys, collars and leashes that are best for your puppy or dog. You'll also quickly train your dog, using short training videos, the important basic skills, tricks and more. Your dog will have basic manners, self-control and other skills that also build your bond and trust for a strong relationship. Valued at $97
  • 2 Challenges: The 10 Day Recall Challenge and The 4-Day Leash Walking Challenge: These will get you started so your dog will come when called and behave better on a leash so you can feel safer, in control and proud when your dog leaves home. Together valued at $49
  • A Private Community on Facebook where you can connect with Dr. Lincoln and a commuity of others in the training program to ask questions and share your progress! You can even take your own videos with your phone and share them in the facebook group for feedback. Value: Priceless!

This online format will provide you with expert instruction while you save you travel time going to a local class where, often, your dog has more trouble learning because of all the distractions. Instead, you can learn in the comfort of your own home and still benefit from a community of other dog owners,

BONUS 1 The Quick Start Puppy Guide  


 Recall and Leash Walking Challenges 


Private Facebook Group  

FAQ And Is This The Right Course For You?

What is the "Play To Behave" Approach? 

The Play To Behave Approach is very much like the name sounds. you want a dog that can't wait to please you, that is a partner. To get that, you incorporate fun and play into training. You learn to understand why your dog does a behavior and then communicate appropriately so your dog knows what behavior you want. Most dog training programs leave this out! But to build trust and have a dog that listens, this approach is critical. Dogs make such wonderful pets and working teammates - because they WANT to please us! Fear, force and pain are not needed. Instead, the approach is built on play and on respect which goes BOTH ways. That's how you get the best out of your dog. Training should be fun for both you and your dog.

What does it mean for me to join as a Founder?

While I have shared some of this training online in the past - enough to know that it works - it was a limited in scope. People have asked for more depth and specifics. I'd also like a training that can be self-directed. So the structure of these trainings will be new. 

I'll also be working with you LIVE and I'll be asking for feedback. You'll get a survey before each training so I cover the information most important to you and I'll survey you after each training in case you still have questions. 

In return, your investment will be much lower than the training will normally cost. 

What happens after I buy the course? How will I get access to the training?

As soon as you invest in "Stop The Barking", you will get your login information and have instant access to all the modules, The Quick Start Puppy Guide and the challenges.

You'll also recieve an email with the dates for the training.

Invitations to the private facebook group will follow, but please be a little patient. I'll need the email you used to sign up on facebook which might be different than the email you use for communication with me. Once I have your correct email, I will invite you to the group usually within 24-48 hours.

What if I can't make one of or even all of the Training Sessions?

I understand and that's why I'll have recordings of the training available on the website, Play To Behave Training. We'll have a question and answer period at the end of each training but if you can't make it, you can email me ahead of time and I'll answer them on the video. You'll also have access to me through the private facebook group. With people in all different time zones, I imagine there will be a number of you that can't make every session.

What age dog is the course designed for?

The course is designed to help you with puppies and dogs of all ages.

What if I have multiple dogs - like 6 shelties, for example!?

I will address how to train multiple dogs. Getting control will take longer but it can be done. You'll just need to let me know!

Are you a "positive trainer"?

YES, I use "positive-based reinforcement", sometimes also called a "reward-based training." NO, that doesn't just mean "giving the dog cookies." It means, reinforcing the right behaviors at the right times in the right ways, so your dog's behavior improves.

Do you ever punish a dog?

In short: No. I won't go into the technical meaning of the term. As generally understood, punishment means the use of fear, force or pain. At the least, the uncomfortable. There is no need to teach any animal using any such approach or method. If a lion can be taught without punishment to offer a paw for a blood draw, a walrus to sit still for treatment and a fish to come forward and take medication using positive methods, then there is certainly no need to use any harsh methods to train dogs either.

What if my dog growls or snaps at my friends?

This course can help but it isn't really designed to solve those issues. Whenever you improve one behavior, other behavior tends to improve because you become better at communicating and you increase your dog's trust and confidence. Note that if there is any risk of injury to yourself, to any other person or to your dog, then I recommend you seek professional one-on-one help after you complete the course. The methods will all help, but safety is number one and it's important you get all the help you need when any aggression is involved. Also, I can not legally or morally diagnose or treat behavior over the internet without first having a patient/client relationship. 

Is there a guarantee if I'm not happy?

Yes. No questions asked. If you aren't satisfied within 30 days, I will refund your money. 

Since you’re reading this page, I am going to guess you are frustrated or concerned about your dog's barking... 

...and that you've already tried some strategies but they haven't worked...

...so you may be skeptical that training with me won't work either. 

Let me assure you that this approach does work and that it's simple. You don't need to be a fancy or professional trainer to get your dog's barking under control. I also won't be asking you to take your dog for 5 mile runs or anything like that! Like you, I am busy and frankly, sometimes lazy too! 

 You can do this and that's why I offer a guarantee on my training.

Enjoy A Peaceful and Quiet Home With Your Dog!

"Stop The Barking" Online Training Program

Special Founders Price


As A Founder, Your Package Includes: 

  • 3 Live Training Sessions
  • The Quick Start Puppy Guide Course 
  • The Recall and Leash Walking Challenges
  • A Private Facebook Community
  • Lifetime Access to the Trainings 
  • Any Future Upgrades
  • A 30 day full money back guarantee. No questions asked.