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with Dr. Carolyn Lincoln Veterinarian Professional Dog Trainer Championship Dog Agility Competitor


Are you struggling with your puppy or dog’s behavior… things like puppy nipping, accidents, not coming when called or constant barking?  

Are your children, (once so excited about getting this puppy!) now ... afraid of the puppy? Is this behavior causing problems in your marriage? 

Are you embarrassed because your dog jumps, pulls on the leash or can’t settle down around your friends and neighbors? 

Maybe you already tried taking your dog to a local training class or just hoped your dog would grow out of it, but nothing has worked?

This is NOT what you envisioned when you got your dog. Your dog may be a sweetheart most of the time and you may love your dog with all your heart...  

...But if something has to change, then you are in the right place!

What if...

...in less than 5 minutes a day... there was a way you could train your dog to listen?

What if...

...there was a simple and effective way that could help you understand your dog, communicate with your dog and get your dog to behave without fear, force or pain?  


You can train your dog to become an absolute joy to come home to, knowing they watch out for you, your family, and your home, but also understand when to welcome friends, how to be polite and to listen to you. 

You can do all of this without fear, without force and without pain...

...and in less time than you think...

...you can start enjoying the lifestyle you've always intended by making a few small changes.

AND you don't have to do this alone...

By joining the Play To Behave Online Training Membership, you'll become part of a community and get the training you need led by Dr. Carolyn Lincoln

Hi! I’m Dr. Carolyn Lincoln, a veterinarian for 30 years, and a professional dog trainer and dog agility competitor for 14 years.

Growing up, I had an undeniable passion for animal behavior and training. Which lead me to pursue behavior medicine and dog sports, specifically dog agility competition.  

Now, I’ve always had high-energy, strong-willed dogs (several of them in fact). So I know exactly what it’s like to deal with dogs that have a tendency to misbehave, not listen… much less obey, and can be anti-social or aggressive. 

Because of my love for animals I also became a veterinarian. There was just one problem… while I was able to treat their medical or health issues, many dogs were still at risk of being euthanized due to behavior problems.

And after years of seeing dog owners struggle with common behavior problems that are easily resolved with proper training, I couldn’t take it anymore – I had to help.  

So I left clinical practice to focus on behavior medicine and professional dog training so I could help others, like you, improve your dog’s behavior too. 

[CASE STUDY] How One Couple Went From Never To Always

Shane always wanted a dog. With a new piece of property and plans to build a house, it seemed like the perfect time.

But his wife, Jocelyn, didn't quite agree. Well, at least not to having a dog IN the house! That was a big "NO!"

I had recently joined Shane and Jocelyn's Flipped Lifestyle membership to get help with my online business and please understand... these were celebrities to me! They have a very popular podcast and are very successful, so when they joined MY membership, I have to admit,.. I was a bit nervous!

That was 4 years ago and while we've never met in person, as time went on, I've grown to think of them as friends.

Can you guess what happened?

It wasn't long before that first pup ended up with a fenced, air-conditioned dog house to a warm spot in the garage.... to the back hallway... to the kitchen and finally, in the bedroom!

Now, they have 3 - yes, 3 dogs - locked into both Shane's AND Jocelyn's heart.

I am proud to have helped them through the many challenges associated with adopting 3 new dogs, their "go to" for both veterinary and training advice and to have them as loyal members for all these years.

Shane and Jocelyn are among the most loving and best dog owners I know and their dogs are among the luckiest in the world.

Watch the video and let Shane tell you what happened in his own words.

Join Play To Behave Online Training Now and...

  • Discover What Really Makes Your Dog Tick (no pun intended) Better understand how your dog thinks and why your dog behaves the way he/she does. So you can communicate in a way your dog understands.  
  • Build A Better Relationship With Your Dog Develop a relationship of mutual trust where both you and your dog feel safe and loved. So your dog is responsive and is eager to follow your directions.  
  • Improve Your Dog’s Behavior Teach your dog the behavior, obedience, and social skills you want them to have. So your dog follows your directions, commands, and understands what behavior is Ok and what’s not.  
  • Get support from Dr. Lincoln and from a community of dog owners who love and value their dog as part of the family.  

so you can…  

  • Enjoy One Of Life’s Best Friendships!  

What's included in the membership:

  • 4 Full Courses with skills for a well-behaved dog that listens and solutions for behavior issues VALUE: $888
  • Mini-lessons on for specific behavior issues and more to come VALUE: $87
  • Challenges to make it easier and more fun way to focus on specific skills training VALUE: $87 
  • Weekly Group LIVE Q&A calls with Dr. Carolyn Lincoln, normally $250/hour. Value: $1000/month
  • Cancel at anytime without penalty. No questions asked. 

TOTAL VALUE: $2062  

...BUT the Membership is priced at ONLY $34/month for a LIMITED time!


I have been able to learn something from everything I've watched. I must say that I have gotten several ads from different people to join their dog training groups but I am so glad I joined yours.

I am also grateful for "finding you". Things are becoming more peaceful. One Win: Decreased biting, jumping, snapping when frustrated by 75-80% (after just one week).

- Mary W.

- Sharon W.

Included in the Online Training:

The Improve Your Dog's Behavior Course

You'll discover what makes your dog tick and how to communicate in a way your dog understands based on trust and respect. Your dog will be eager to please you and make all of this will make it easier to train the behavior you want. 

The Quick Start Puppy Guide

You'll train your puppy OR your adult dog, the basic manners your dog needs to know as well as other skills for management and control through short 5-10 minute skill videos. You'll also discover what treats, toys, and other supplies you actually need, 3 different training options to use for any skill and the concepts you need to know to help your dog be successful. These methods are all positive-based and you'll learn what actually works and works fast!  

The Keep Your Dog Calm When Guests Arrive Course

If you struggle with your dog jumping, barking or otherwise embarrassing you when your friends and family visit, this course gives you the step-by-step process you can use to help your dog stay calm and polite.  

The Stop The Barking Course

You will train your dog when to bark, when not to bark and when to stop barking in 3 easy steps. You'll know what to do if your dog barks excessively at people, other dogs or animals, or cars passing by your house. The course also give you solutions if your dog barks excessively at the TV, at you for attention, in the car. in the crate or more. You'll be able to enjoy peace and quiet your home, let the baby sleep and make a phone call without unnecessary interruption.  

LIVE video calls with Dr. Lincoln

You are going to get support. While the courses are self-directed, your dog is an individual and so are you. Your home and lifestyle are unique so you will probably have questions. The LIVE calls will be set up so you can ask those questions on the call but also if you can't make the calls, you can submit your questions early and watch the replay. If I can't get to every question, I'll choose ones that will help the most people, so that you can learn from them also. If a question requires more explanation or a demonstration then I plan to create a mini-lessons. Calls will normally be weekly with some scheduled breaks.

PLUS if you join now, you'll get these



Mini-Lessons for problem behaviors:

  • Chewing
  • Puppy Nipping
  • Leash Walking
  • Barking
  • Greeting Visitors
  • Jumping 


Challenges to help you make progress on:

  • Recall (coming when called)
  • Leash Walking
  • Teaching "Look" 



Access to a private facebook group community for support, interaction and accountibility  

However, I have to inform you…  

I have opened the membership at this special rate for a limited time for friends of current members and new clients.

BUT HURRY! The membership will close on Friday, June 26th at Midnight. This way, I can devote my time to all the members.


Tucker was a rescue that I was ready to take back because he was just SO crazy with energy/anxiety. I can't thank you enough for your guidance. Tucker still has an overabundance of energy but now we have an outlet. He is totally off Prozac and doing well!  

- Bobbie S.  


Monthly Membership


Immediate access to:

  • 4 complete step-by-step courses
  • LIVE Q&A Sessons with Dr. Lincoln (normally weekly)
  • BONUS: Mini-lessons
  • BONUS: Challenges
  • BONUS: Private Facebook Community
  • Cancel without penalty
  • Your cost will never increase as long as you remain a member
  • 15% discount for yearly membership

Yearly Membership


Immediate access to:

  • 4 complete step-by-step courses
  • LIVE Q&A Sessons with Dr. Lincoln (normally weekly)
  • BONUS: Mini-lessons
  • BONUS: Challenges
  • BONUS: Private Facebook Community
  • Cancel without penalty
  • Your cost will never increase as long as you remain a member
  • 15% discount for yearly membership

FAQ And Is This The Right Course For You?

How do the calls work?

LIVE Q&A Group Calls will weekly with some exceptions due to life circumstances such as travel. You will just click a link in your weekly email to join the call. We will meet online over Zoom, which is very simple to use and I'll be giving you instructions.  

Video is optional for you on the call, however, video is encouraged because it really helps to connect you to the community. You can also show me your dog and/or your home on the video, if that is helpful.

You will be able to ask me questions and/or comment. Many questions tend to be the same so if I can't answer all questions in the time alotted, I will choose questions that apply to the most people. 

What if I can't make the calls due to the timing?

With people in all different time zones, I imagine there will be a number of you that can't make every call. If you cannot attend, you can always submit your questions by email ahead of time. If you have a special need for an answer right away, an answer more tailored to your situation* or an answer needs more clarification, you can always reach out to me or my team.

Recordings will be posted on the website within 48 hours of the call (barring any technical difficulties) so you can watch and re-watch the calls at any time. 

You will also have access to me through the private facebook group, as I'll be in there on a regular basis. 

*More specific answers tailored to your situation still have to remain in the bounds of a client/patient relationship so if that is an issue, I will make that clear. Please see the Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.

What age dog is the membership designed for?

The membership address issues with puppies and dogs of all ages.

Are you a "positive trainer"?

YES, I use "positive-based reinforcement", sometimes also called a "reward-based training." NO, that doesn't mean "giving the dog cookies." It means, reinforcing the right behaviors at the right times in the right ways, so your dog learns new skills and/or behavior improves.

How do I get access to the training?

As soon as you purchase the course, you'll receive an email with details access to your account. From there you'll be able to log in and start viewing the courses. It's best to begin with either the Improve Your Dog's Behavior Course or with the Quick Start Puppy Guide. 

Do you ever punish a dog?

In short: No. For a more detailed answer, go here.

What if my dog has serious issues such as aggression or separation anxiety? Is this membership right for me?

This membership can help you improve your dog's behavior and you will train skills that help you with control, but if there is any risk of injury to yourself, to any other person or to your dog, then I recommend you seek professional one-on-one help. I can't diagnose or treat specific behavior over the internet. The methods of training, exercising your dog, confinement and reading your dog's body language will all help you, but, safety is number one.

What if I want to cancel? Is there a penalty?

I'll be sorry to see you go but you can cancel at any time and there is no penalty.

We have now had multiple success encounters/visits with Rufus meeting our friends/ family. Thank you so much! Your love and care for animals is a great thing and a special gift!

 - Sophie Ruiz

Don't be left out!